SHOWVEN: BT15 Sparkular miniFall 2-4 m length adjustable - 110v

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BT15 Sparkular miniFall 2-4 m length adjustable - 110v

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Category: Special Effects
Sub-Category: Spark Effects

Manufacturer: SHOWVEN
Manufacturer No: BT15

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BT15 Sparkular miniFall 2-4 m length adjustable - 110v

SPARKULAR® miniFALL is a hanging special effects machine that produces spectacular 4-meter-long "waterfall" sparks. SPARKULAR® miniFALL is the latest innovation by SHOWVEN with its patented state-of-the-art D-QUIET technology, ensuring an operating noise level of less than 50DB. The streamlined construction and channel design, along with enhanced energy-saving technologies, elevate the size, weight, and power consumption of the SPARKULAR® miniFALL to a new level. With easy rigging and wireless DMX control, it's the perfect waterfall spark effects solution for stages, clubs and other installations.


  • Sparks “waterfall” effect for indoor use
  • Wide voltage design, can be used in 100-240V
  • Performance improvement spark generation platform for better stability
  • Optimized feeding structure, minimize stuck risks
  • Low power consumption for energy efficiency
  • D-quiet Technology, low noise operation
  • Neutrik®powerCON connectors
  • Lightweight, compact design for easy transport, set up and installation
*For safety use, please don’t touch sparks with hands or other flammable objects.


  • SPARKULAR® miniFALL waterfall spark effect
  • Effect Fall Length: HC8200 MEDIUM: 2.0-3.0m, LARGE: 3.0-4.0m
  • Hopper Capacity: 310g
  • HC8200 Consumption Rate: 15g/min
  • Control: DMX 2 channels, Wireless Remote
  • Work Temperature: -20°C~50°C
  • INTERFACE: Neutrik® DMX/POWER socket
  • Power Input: 110vAC 50/60hz
  • Power Consumption: 250w
  • Size: 5.9 x 6.3 x 9.4in
  • Weight: 3kgs/6.6lbs
  • Adaptable Truss Size: 40-60mm
  • Casing Material: Anti-Flaming ABS 304 Stainless steel panel
  • Color: Black
Country Of Origin: China
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Color: Black
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