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Large blue letter T for paragraphechni-Lux System Sales can help work with you to put together some of the missing components, a complete lighting package, or specify a control system for your needs. Our goal is to meet your system vision, small or large, while offering the most efficient and effective way to get there using the appropriate level of technology.

Benefits of System Sales and Packages:

  • Removes the guesswork out of putting together a system that works using the latest technology
  • Provide proper selection of quality level needed for reliability and simplified maintenance
  • Identifies you have the optimal system for your budget
  • Helps ensure that the necessary infrastructures are in place that may not be immediately obvious
  • Partnering with one reputable company with over 30 years of experience
  • Frees up more time to focus on what matters in your business and increase ROI
  • Consideration for energy savings and energy consumption
  • Reduces lead times and costs by leveraging our large inventory into a single shipment
  • Provide custom fixtures, preassembled racks, panels, props and adaptations for better fit
  • Quick turnaround and set up times with reduced down times
  • Bundled systems include necessary expendables, mounting and cabling accessories

Thea Award For Outstanding Achievement
JUSTICE LEAGUE™: Battle for Metropolis

Thea Award For Outstanding Achievement
JUSTICE LEAGUE™: Battle for Metropolis

Thea Awards were created to bring recognition to achievement, talent and personal excellence within the themed entertainment industry... Read More about the THEA Awards

Featured Project

European Star Award 2018

Batman: The Shadow of the Bat Water Slide

Parque Warner Beach, San Martín de la Vega, Madrid, Spain.

Gear Doesn't Add Up blue icon circleSometimes the sum of the components and gear just won't add up and do what you want. This is not your fault or the fault of your team, it is just a matter of experience and error that you shouldn't have to afford on your budget or time. We can combine over 30 years of experience to help identify issues that may not be immediately apparent to your vision.

We Listen blue icon circleWe listen to how you will use the system and what you expect out of it. Our team discusses your challenges and your idea and then selects an assortment of products that works best together. We package your system altogether for you, taking into consideration the many aspects that most miss or can't implement by buying piecemeal from various sources.

Reliable System blue icon circle In the end, you get a system that reliably functions, can be supported today and in the future and ultimately saves you money. Most system sales services are at no cost and there is no guesswork for you and only one convenient shipment of the complete kit. You could spend your time searching through a sea of products but just end up with some gear that was not meant to work together or with what you have already.

System Sales can help icon blue circle Our technical experience in system building sets us apart and produces the best collective solution no matter the size. Whether you are lighting your venue, a stadium, restaurant, themed attraction, show production, or your church and theatre, our System Sales can help make your vision come together.


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