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Techni-Lux Equipment                       Catalog

Equipment Catalog

provides a diverse range of innovative products, from our lighting brands to many other famous brands. Latest in technology, featuring LED fixtures of all types and traditional lighting.

Techni-Lux Supply Catalog

Supply Catalog

ranges from specialty tapes, filters and gels, dichroics, standard and custom gobos, gobo holders, fog and haze fluids, tie line, tie wraps, clamps, electrical connectors, power and extension cords, power strips, splitters, safety cables, duvetyne, lamp sockets, sandbags and thousands of other expendable items.

Techni-Lux Lamp Catalog

Lamp Catalog

includes most lamp manufacturers with a focus on specialty, stage/studio and entertainment bulbs. Combines the information of the major bulb manufacturers to facilitate a quicker selection. Helps to identify all bulbs shapes, filaments and bases.

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