Product FAQs

Q. What are gray goods? Does Techni-Lux sell these?
A. No, Techni-Lux does not sell gray goods. We are authorized for all the brands we handle. Additionally we are licensed to handle special types of products such as lamps containing special gases.

Gray goods are products that were not made for the U.S. market or are being brought in illegally. They usually DO NOT carry the manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturers make products that may have different specifications for each country that they do business in. This may be due to different standards, languages or economic considerations specific to each country. A gray market product is any product that was built with the specifications for another country but resold in your country. These products may or may not function correctly because of different markings, power requirements such as cycles, voltages, etc.

Some websites will attempt to cover themselves with some fine print. Any site that mentions “May be missing original packaging, cables, manuals etc.” should be avoided, unless you want to risk buying an incomplete product.

If you see a deal that seems “too good to be true” take time to call and ask. Make sure they have a phone number and ask directly. Usually if asked directly, they will be up front about it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
Q. Where can I see some of the products used in different applications?
A. Visit our GALLERY and see different project simulations, designs and pictures. These projects and installations are located throughout many parts of the world.
Q. Can you help us design the perfect lighting system?
A. Yes, unlike other manufacturers and distributors, we actually have professional designers and engineers on staff to help with your next project, from beginning to end. Regardless of whether it is just a small area, or large venue, we are available to help determine and meet your total lighting needs quickly. Our initial advice is free and we welcome your inquiries.
Q. Do you have a full catalog?
A. Yes, we have a full color catalog available. You may download it online or you may request a printed one via mail by requesting it to

You may also go to INFORMATION, then select REQUEST FORM.
Q. Won't my warranty cover a gray product if I get a defective product anyway?
A. No. If the product did not come with a proper warranty it can't be covered under warranty in the US. In fact, you may not be able to get your fixture serviced at all within the US, even if you are willing to pay for it entirely yourself. So your only option for getting that product fixed may be to ship it back to the country you purchased it in.
Q. What is the warranty on the products?
A. Each product has a different warranty and they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. On our website, it states the basic length of the warranty for each product. For additional warranty details you must contact us.
Q. Are the website images to scale?
A. No, our images are sized to give the largest possible picture of the product.
Q. Do you install products?
A. No, as this would compete with our dealers and installers. However we can refer you to qualified dealers and installers in your area that are familiar with our products. We can also assist you and them in putting together your ideal system.

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