Professional Services

Large blue letter T for paragraphechni-Lux design services are available to assist with projects, concepts and individual show designs. Our on staff designer is a member of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and is able to provide over 30 years of design and touring experience to help develop your vision. Utilizing a state of the art computer system a building or show can be brought to life and lights reviewed and tested months before installation.

Consultation, review and design services are available for any size project through our dealer network. We have helped many clients achieve their dream systems with savings on utilities and construction through proper implementation and consultation. The final product can be presented in working drawings, animations, photo quality renderings or slide shows. Our design staff is ready to help you, help yourself.

Our clients have included Universal Studios, Disney, Forestville Baptist Church, Wet n Wild, Six Flags, Regina Casino, US Grant Hotel, Sally Corp, Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen and City Bible Church Oregon to name a few. Call today and discuss your project dreams with us!

What we offer:

  • Realistic renderings with full lighting and camera animation in .AVI format.

  • Full color plotting up to 42".

  • Paperwork generation and printing.

  • Pipe tape printing.

  • WYSIWYG software instruction and utilization.

  • File conversion and clean-up.

  • Rental visualization systems.

  • Programming support and studios available.

  • Access to all local production houses. ‌

  • Project presentation and support.

  • Product instruction and support is provided by an experienced, knowledgeable team.

Design Rendering




Large blue letter F for paragraphechni-Lux Design Services utilizes a state of the art computer render farm to produce high quality AVI's or DVD's that offer full lighting and camera animation from your WYSIWYG software drawings. These highly realistic renderings are exclusively provided by Certified Service Providers (CSP) of Cast software. In addition full printing support for paperwork, full size color plotting and pipe tapes are available. We can also convert drawings into WYSIWYG and assist you with your existing drawings through training or support services. Take your current WYSIWYG drawings and clean up or enhance them for better presentation, or render photo-realistic images with our high power computer rig. Rental systems are available for on site studio and rendering work. We also offer drawing support and full training with an Authorized WYSIWYG Trainer (AWT).

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