Repair Services

An important piece of equipment has broken down. What now?

When equipment breaks down, everything from your production to your bottom line is affected. You may need a quick and effective solution. A difficult question arises- should you repair it or replace it? Many times the answer is not easy.

Sometimes replacement is not even an option, as it is part of a matching set of fixtures and therefore requires technical attention. Our tech department is well experienced and trained in determining whether your piece of equipment is worth fixing before investing too much time and money.

Our tech department services include:

  • Diagnosing
  • Repairing - electronic down to board level
  • Sourcing parts
  • Adjusting, lubricating, aligning
  • Cleaning, refocusing, relamping
  • Testing

Equipment we repair:

Moving Lights ■ Conventional Lights ■ LED Lights ■ Indoor and Outdoor Fixtures ■ Theatrical Fixtures ■ Audio Amplifiers ■ Controllers and Consoles ■ Power Distribution Racks ■ Dimmer Pack and Dimmer Racks ■ Smoke, Fog and Haze Machines ■ Cables and Cable Assemblies

Rate Information:

There will be a per item Evaluation fee of $49.50 for boards or $99.00 for consoles and fixtures if:

  • There is no problem found.
  • It is deemed unrepairable or not economical to repair.
  • The repair is declined for any reason.

For more information, contact our tech department or submit the RMA form with your question.

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