SHOWVEN: X-VS3000 SonicBoom X (10m height smoke with LED lights) - 110v

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X-VS3000 SonicBoom X (10m height smoke with LED lights) - 110v

Price:  $ 1,312.00 Each

Category: Fog & Haze Machines
Sub-Category: Fog Machines

Manufacturer: SHOWVEN
Manufacturer No: X-VS3000

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X-VS3000 SonicBoom X (10m height smoke with LED lights) - 110v

Upgrade your events with SHOWVEN's SONICBOOM® X SMOKEJET, the popular special effects machine that fires smokejets up to 10m high! It is safer and lasts longer than CO2 gas tanks because it uses eco-friendly fog fluid. Sonicboom X is the ideal smokejet for professional concerts, festivals, and indoor/outdoor events due to its pipeline integration technology and 0.2s burst period.


  • Instant smoke generation, close to CO2 Jet
  • No need of CO2 tank, safer and easy carry
  • No generation of CO2, environmental friendly
  • Super long stable effects time, upto 12min after fill up
  • Super fast smoke dissipate with original fluid
  • Cost effective consumables
  • Excellent heating module design, fast temp. recovery
  • Low power mode (220V version), lower power supply requirement
  • Unique constant pressure system, consistent smoke effect
  • Pipeline integration technology, easy maintenance, stronger burst
  • 35pcs 5W LED, independent smoke column color change
  • Easy installation at any angles even place upside down


  • SONICBOOM® X SmokeJet
  • Max Output Distance: 10m
  • Max Continuous Duration Output: 8s
  • Fluid Consmption Rate: 3min/L
  • DMX Channel: 1/11
  • Smoke Output: 55000cuft/min
  • Tank Capacity: 2.5L
  • Fluid Consumption Rate: 5min/L
  • Consumables: FX-S
  • LED Power: 5W x 35pcs
  • Fuse: 15A/250V
  • Power Input: 110vAC 50/60hz
  • Power Consumption: 2000w
  • Size: 19 x 16.1 x 8.5in
  • Weight: 17.2kgs/37.8lbs
  • Color: Black
Country Of Origin: China
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Color: Black
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