SHOWVEN: X-VSD3000 SonicBoom Plus (10m height smoke with LED lights) - 110v

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X-VSD3000 SonicBoom Plus (10m height smoke with LED lights) - 110v

Price:  $ 2,166.00 Each

Category: Fog & Haze Machines
Sub-Category: Fog Machines

Manufacturer: SHOWVEN
Manufacturer No: X-VSD3000

Quantity per Case: 1
Availability: Special Order Lead Time - 21 Days

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X-VSD3000 SonicBoom Plus (10m height smoke with LED lights) - 110v

The SONICBOOM® PLUS SMOKEJET, designed by SHOWVEN, is a next-generation smokejet designed for maximum impact at your events. Its dual output design produces a clear, thick smoke effect up to 10m high and without the need for traditional CO2 tanks. Instead, it's running on eco friendly fog fluid, which lasts longer and is much safer. The Sonicboom Plus is perfect for events, clubs, and festivals, both indoors and out, thanks to its lightning fast 0.2s burst time. Combined with SHOWVEN® original FX-S pro quick dissipating fog fluid guarantee the fast dissipating of the smoke.


  • Dual smoke generation system, dual output
  • Two units can combined together to generate max effects
  • No need of CO2 tank, safer and easy carry
  • No generation of CO2, environmental friendly
  • Super long stable effects time after fill up
  • Cost effective consumables
  • Low power mode design, lower power supply requirement
  • Unique constant pressure system, consistent smoke effect
  • Pipeline integration technology, easy maintenance, stronger burst
  • 38pcs 9W LED,independent smoke column color change


  • Max Output Distance: 10m
  • Max Continuous Duration Output: 10s
  • Fluid Consmption Rate: 3min/L
  • DMX Channel: 1/11/14
  • Output: 80000cuft/min
  • Fluid Consumption Rate: 3min/L
  • Consumables: FX-S
  • LED Power: 9W x 39pcs
  • Fuse: 15A/250V(220V),18A/250V(110V)
  • Power Input: 110vAC 50/60hz
  • Power Consumption: 2500w
  • Size: 19.7 x 12.8 x 12.8in
  • Weight: 28kgs/61.6lbs
  • Color: Black
Country Of Origin: China
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Color: Black
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