INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGIES: CS-3480 CueServer 3 Flex - Includes CueServer 3 Flex with pluggable terminal blocks, DIN brackets, mounting flanges, and 1,024 channel license

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CS-3480 CueServer 3 Flex - Includes CueServer 3 Flex+ 4 onboard DMX outs with pluggable terminal blocks, DIN brackets, mounting flanges, and 1,024 channel license

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CS-3480 CueServer 3 Flex - Includes CueServer 3 Flex with pluggable terminal blocks, DIN brackets, mounting flanges, and 1,024 channel license

CueServer 3 Flex+ is the most flexible model in the CueServer 3 family and is housed in a small ruggedized enclosure that can be DIN-rail, panel, or desktop mounted.

CueServer 3 Core processors are built around a high-performance quad-core CPU, custom I/O coprocessor, and Gigabit-capable Ethernet to run the most demanding projects up to 16,384 channels, generate beautiful effects, and to host your custom designed layouts to touchscreens and mobile devices with ease.

CueServer 3 Flex+ offers a top-panel touchscreen for quick access to function buttons, system status, configuration, and diagnostics.

The back of CueServer 3 Flex+ contains an array of four smart module slots. Each slot can optionally be fitted with a range of expansion modules such as isolated DMX ports, digital I/O functions, serial ports, relays, and more. Smart modules can be used to configure CueServer to the specific needs of each project.

CueServer 3 Flex+ also includes four additional terminal-block ports that can be individually configured as isolated DMX, Station Bus or RS- 485 for a total of 8 I/O ports.

Additionally, CueServer 3 Flex+ features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports to optionally separate lighting data from control data and stereo audio input/output for playing sound effects or music, or SMPTE timecode input.

For ultimate flexibility, CueServer 3 Flex+ can be powered by PoE, PoE+, or a DC input voltage.

For powering external button stations or other accessory items, an auxiliary DC output is also provided.

The CueServer 3 Flex+ (plus) adds 4 built-in DMX ports for a total of 8 possible external connections


  • Completely self-contained lighting playback, architectural processor, and DMX fade engine with effects generator
  • Seamless handling of Cue Lists, Presets, and Streams
  • Control of up to 32 universes of DMX or 32 independent playback timelines
  • Dynamic patching of up to 16,384 channels to 128 separate sACN, Art-Net, or KiNET universes
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for separate configurable lighting data and management networks
  • Flexible power options include PoE, PoE+, or DC input
  • Convenient DC power output for powering external button stations or other accessory items
  • Flexible module slots for installing a range of expansion modules that support DMX, I/O, Serial, Relays and more
  • Creation of lighting scenes directly or capture from external sources
  • Powerful CueScript scripting language
  • Real-Time clock with astronomical and calendar events
  • Built-in web server for hosting custom interactive web pages
  • Multi-show storage on removable microSD memory card
  • System integration via Ethernet, Serial, Digital I/O, and Audio
  • Compatible with CueStation buttons and Insite touchscreens
  • Easy interfacing with Crestron, AMX, Vantage, Control 4, Medialon, Savant and other automation systems
  • Native programming environment for both Mac and Windows
  • Small enclosure with desktop, DIN-rail, or panel mounting options

Specifications: Installable Options: DMX Channels 1,024 (base), 16,384 (maximum) ■ Universe Patching: 128 sACN, Art-Net, or KiNET universes ■ Playbacks: Up to 32, depending on number of Channels ■ Cues: 1,000,000 per Cue Stack ■ Cue Stacks: Unlimited ■ Groups: 100,000 ■ Macros: 100,000 ■ Global Rules: 1,000 ■ Timer Events: 1,000 ■ External Button Stations: 1,000 ■ Web Content: Unlimited ■ Protocols: Ethernet UDP, TCP, HTTP, TELNET, NTP, Streaming ACN (sACN), Art-Net, KiNet v1/v2, CueScript, CueStation Connections ■ Power Input/Output: (2x) 5.08mm Pitch Pluggable Terminal Block ■ Network: (2x) RJ45 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ■ I/O: (4x) Smart module slots, each accommodating a variety of optional modules; and (4x) Removable 5.08mm pitch terminal block ports individually configurable as isolated DMX, Station Bus, or RS-485 ports ■ Audio: (2x) 3.5mm (1/8”) audio jacks for stereo audio input and output ■ USB: USB-C Host Port ■ User Interface: LCD 4.0” Capacitive Color 480x128 LCD Touchscreen ■ Power Input: PoE (802.3af) or PoE+ (802.3at) on LAN A port, or 12-24VDC, 7.7 Watts Max (all ports enabled and fully loaded, no modules installed), Note: Add each module’s power consumption and auxiliary output consumption to determine total wattage ■ Output: DC output for powering external button stations or other accessory items ■ Memory Removable Card: Micro SD (FAT32 formatted cards up to 2TB) ■ Real Time Clock Type: Battery-backed, 1 second resolution, less than +/-5ppm drift ■ Synchronization: Automatic using Network Time Protocol (NTP) ■ Event Triggers: Time of day, day of week, day of month, week of month, year, date range, astronomical time (relative to sunrise or sunset +/- specified offset) ■ Compliance standards: CE, FCC, RoHS ■ Size: Width 6.3” (160 mm) without mounting flanges, 7.7” (196 mm) with mounting flanges x Depth 4.6” (116 mm) without cables attached x Height 2.0” (50 mm) without mounting feet or brackets, 2.1” (54 mm) with bumpon feet installed, 2.3” (58 mm) with DIN brackets installed ■ Weight: 1.0 lbs. 0.45 kgs / 1.0 lbs ■ Environmental Operating Temperature: -13° to 158° F (-25° to 70° C) ■ Color: Black
Country Of Origin: United States
Unspsc: 39112402
U.S.Tariff#: 8537.10.9060
Warranty: 2 Year Limited
Color: Black
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