SGM: SGM Palco 5 RGB LED Fixture - must add lens - with wireless - no plug

SGM Palco 5 RGB LED Fixture - must add lens - with wireless - no plug
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SGM Palco 5 RGB LED Fixture - must add lens - with wireless - no plug

Price:  $ 4,490.00 Each

Category: LED Lights
Sub-Category: LED Pro Architainment

Manufacturer: SGM
Manufacturer No: 020-2426

Quantity per Case: 1
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SGM Palco 5 RGB LED Fixture - must add lens - with wireless - no plug

Palco 5, one of the most powerful color changing LED fixtures in SGM range, is wireless DMX and can recognize transmission signals with a radius of over 500 meters (1,640 feet). Without connection cables, the Palco 5 becomes an even more versatile unit with increased positioning possibilities, creating opportunities for lighting ideas and projects.

The Palco is a groundbreaking color-changing fixture for applications with a light source of 49 high-power Luxeon LEDs. Palco creates an evenly diffused light beam, ideal for illuminating large areas. It has full DMX 512 control of all its main characteristics: luminous intensity, RGB color mixing, color temperature correction. The exclusive design and extremely compact lines make the Palco ideal for either permanent or temporary installation in a wide range of applications: stages, houses of worship, museums, art galleries, libraries, shopping malls, store window displays. Palco is also perfect for dynamically coloring backdrops and scenery in theatres, television and photography studios.

Specifications: LED color mixing RGB additive ■ 3 & 4.5 watt LEDs ■ 12 Luxeon 4.5w Blue K2 LEDs ■ 24 Luxeon 4.5w Green K2 LEDs ■ 13 Luxeon 3w Red K2 LEDs ■ Luminosity (white) 4,500 Lumens ■ Power Consumption 250w ■ Color temperature: 5,500°K (variable) ■ Interchangeable lenses: 8°, 25°, 40°, Elliptical 10 x 22° (must add lens) ■ LEDs average life: 50,000 hours ■ Power: auto ranging 90-270vAC-50/60Hz ■ 8 DMX Channels: 1-Strobe/Shutter, 2-Dimmer, 3-Red, 4-Green, 5-Blue, 6-CTC, 7-Macros, 8-Color Mode ■ Interface LED 10 digit display & 3 buttons ■ Internal Microcomputer Function menu (software updatable via DMX) ■ Pan +/- 45° - manually positioned ■ Tilt +15° / -70° - manually positioned ■ Insulation rating: IP 20 ■ Size: (HxWxD) 16.73"x14.76"x9.02" ■ Weight: 13.5Kgs/29.7Lbs
Country Of Origin: Italy
Unspsc: 39112102
U.S.Tariff#: 8541.40.2000
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Color: Black
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