STUDIODUE: Photowall 1200 Projector - DMX w/HMI1200w/GS

Photowall 1200 Projector - DMX w/HMI1200w/GS
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Photowall 1200 Projector - DMX w/HMI1200w/GS

Price:  $ 12,500.00 Each

Category: Light Fixtures
Sub-Category: Theatrical

Manufacturer: STUDIODUE
Manufacturer No: 0401

Quantity per Case: 1
Availability: Special Order Lead Time - 21 Days

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Photowall 1200 Projector - DMX w/HMI1200w/GS

Photowall 1200e is a professional image projector for architectural, theatrical and most other applications. With a powerful HMI1200W lamp, Photowall 1200es performance, in terms of luminosity and projection, can reach incredible levels. It comes with standard optic: f160-f180, 90 high resolution pictures film endowed and Standard set: Set of 3 units x 12 frames film, Set of 5 units x 16 frames film (the 3 and 5 film units can also have different pictures).

Specifications: Lamp: HMI 1200W/GS ■ Color temperature: 6.000° K ■ Average lamp life: 1000 hours ■ Luminous flux : 110.000 lm ■ Burning position: universal ■ Electronic Ballast with PFC; (95-260V; 47-63Hz) ■ Control panel with graphic LCD display and smart reading by DMX start address by a triple led display ■ Easy and intuitive program and setup by a dynamic menu ■ Four full editable user programs for a total of 682 scenes for stand alone control (without DMX controller) ■ Full length film continuous positioning by DMX 16 bit or by "INDEX MODE" for fast positioning frame ■ Selectable film length (from 10 to 90 frames) ■ Closed loop film position control by optical encoder ■ Film speed: max 5 sec./10 frames; min 90sec./1 frame ■ Linear mechanical dimmer 0..100% ■ Strobe function: min. 1 flash/2 sec. - max 8 flash/1 sec. ■ Motorized focus ■ Film: 90 pictures film endowed with the fixture ■ Optic: 4 optics available, Standard: f160 - f180 Ø 80mm ■ DMX Channels:
■ ch1= scroller speed
■ ch2= strobe
■ ch3= dimmer speed
■ ch4= dimmer
■ ch5= scroller coarse
■ ch6= scroller fine
■ ch7= focus
■ ch8= not used
■ ch9= index
■ ch10= reset lamp/off
■ Mains power supply: 95-260V; 47-63Hz ■ Built in electronic PFC: cosØ 0.99 ■ Lamp square wave frequency: 100Hz ■ Max electronic lamp dimmer: -35% (800W) ■ Remote optocoupled lamp on/off Thermal shutdown protection ■ Size: 28"x19"x15.4" ■ Weight: 28Kgs/62Lbs
Country Of Origin: Italy
Unspsc: 39112503
U.S.Tariff#: 9405.40.8000
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Color: Black
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