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Duvetyne Commando Cloth FR 8oz x 50 yard roll - Black
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Duvetyne Commando Cloth FR 8oz x 50 yard roll - Black

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Duvetyne Commando Cloth FR 8oz x 50 yard roll - Black

Duvetyne, also known as Commando Cloth is a cotton twill type fabric with velour type brushed nap on one side and flat matte finish on the other side. Its high opacity makes it ideal for blocking light and masking out areas. Duvetyne is the most economical fabric for controlling light spill. All film gaffer trucks, staging companies, and production houses always have a roll on hand! Duvetyne comes in 3 standards weights, 8, 12, and 16 ounces and is flame retardant.

■ The lightest weight, 8 ounce Duvetyne, is typically used for wrapping objects or below stages where there is no light source behind the material.

■ Twelve ounce Duvetyne, sometimes called Light Commando Cloth, offers additional opacity over the 8 ounce, making it ideal for backdrops. Little to no light pin holes are visible.

■ The heaviest weight Duvetyne is 16 ounces. It offers the most light control and is often used by the motion picture industry. It is ideal for drapes and an alternative to velour.

Specifications: 7-9 ounce per yard ■ Size: 54" width x 50 yards ■ Bolt Weight: 11.82kgs/26Lbs ■ Color: Black
Length: 150ft
U.S.Tariff#: 5209.42.0060
Color: Black
Width (In): 56
Country Of Origin: China
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