1 Light 18" Germicidal Fixture w/safety occupancy sensor and lamp 120-277 vAC

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1 Light 18" Germicidal Fixture w/safety occupancy sensor and lamp 120-277 vAC

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Category: Health Safety
Sub-Category: Germicidal UV Fixtures

Manufacturer: GENERIC
Manufacturer No: SL118

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1 Light 18" Germicidal Fixture w/safety occupancy sensor and lamp 120-277 vAC

Eliminate up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses with UV-C Linear Germicidal Fixtures

UV-C radiation is a known disinfectant for air, water, and surfaces that can help mitigate the risk of acquiring an infection and has been used extensively for more than 40 years. All bacteria and viruses tested to date (many hundreds over the years, including various coronaviruses) respond to UV-C disinfection. There are no known pathogens resistant to UV-C. A clear indication that UV-C light can play a valuable part in your protection strategy.

Germicidal Ultraviolet Fixtures should be utilized during periods when the area is unoccupied or when occupants take appropriate protective measures. Germicidal Ultraviolet Fixtures are open fixtures that irradiate room air and exposed surfaces with direct germicidal rays.

This unit includes an integrated occupancy sensor, ensures the unit will not activate while the room is occupied and will immediately suspend operations if motion is detected in a previously unoccupied room.

Warning: Exposure to UV-C light can cause injury to the eyes and skin. To prevent possible injury, eyes and skin should not be exposed to direct or reflected ultraviolet light emitted by this lamp. This lamp is in Risk Group 3 per ANSI/IESNARP-27.3-96. Adequate protection should be provided by clothing, gloves, opaque materials, proper eyewear and ordinary window glass.

Specifications: Light Source: 1 UV-C 18 inch disinfection fixture ■ Light Source Life: 8,000 hours ■ Covers up to 100 square feet #9632; Lamp wattage: 15 watts ■ Motion sensor safety shutoff system ■ Power Consumption: 15 watts ■ Power Input: 120-277 vAC ■ Size: 18" Long
Voltage: 120-277
Amperage: 0.125
Wattage: 15
Country Of Origin: China
Unspsc: 39112102
U.S.Tariff#: 8541.40.2000
Warranty: 2 Year Limited
Color: White
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