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Casino Regina  Casino Regina 

Casino Regina Casino Regina Casino Regina Casino Regina Casino Regina Casino Regina

Casino Regina   

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Date: Winter 2006

Companies involved:
Tony Hansen, Techni-Lux, FL programmming
StataCOM Corp, NJ producing and programming
GV Audio Sun Electric
Canadian-based TIR Systems supplied the LED lights.

LED light project 2,000 hours to install, program and choreograph Casino Regina's lights are capable of 16 million color combinations.There are 40 exterior lights, which are 216 pixels each, 20 interior and 10,000 trigger cues (or light changes) with a programmable time-code from a single computer runs the entire show. Techni-Lux provided the control system, initial programming and training.

Casino Regina   

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total running time: 1 min.


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