SGM: SGM Giotto Synthesis Wash w/HTI700w/SE

SGM Giotto Synthesis Wash w/HTI700w/SE
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SGM Giotto Synthesis Wash w/HTI700w/SE

Price:  $ 9,300.00 Each

Category: Moving Lights
Sub-Category: Arc Lamp Moving Wash

Manufacturer: SGM
Manufacturer No: 0202800

Quantity per Case: 1
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Status: Active Status Info

Additional Info: HTI700W/SE75 discontinued, Convert (Kit ZOAS0126) for LMSR700G/MFF-P /1MFF-P /2MFF-P

SGM Giotto Synthesis Wash w/HTI700w/SE

The Giotto Synthesis is the absolute latest in moving light technology. It’s the first moving light series to be equipped standard with truly wireless DMX, so you finally have the freedom to program and control your lights from more complicated locations than regular DMX cables will allow. Another innovative feature is a three-segment modular construction, making your repair issues that much easier by letting you swap out and send in for repair only part of a fixture instead of the fixture itself. And because the Synthesis is so unique, SGM has worked closely with Osram to create two specific lamps with two separate color temperatures (5600°K and 7200°K) to better resolve any color temperature issues you have. SGM has also responded to the issues of rigorous touring with two new solutions. The first is a unique Pan/Tilt locking and electronic unlocking system, ensuring that your locked fixtures can always be unlocked once connected to a power source (even when already hung on truss). The second is secure protection against power surges of 380V, a common problem in Europe that has fried many lighting fixtures over time.

Of course, some of the best features of the Synthesis are the ones you can see in action! SGM has created a “revolutionary” positionable animation wheel that rotates on a 360 degree axis, allowing for more creative animation options in your lighting designs. The dual Spot/Wash projection feature ads to the Synthesis’s versatility, practically giving you two separate fixtures in one. Along with the Spot/Wash capabilities, the Synthesis has both the infinite palette of CMY color mixing and the precision of 6 interchangeable spot colors. Dual gobo wheels that can each hold eight 16-bit rotating, indexable, interchangeable gobos give you plenty of options for high quality graphic and atmospheric projections, and a 4-facet rotating prism gives you another fun feature to play with. All of the Synthesis’s features are an addition to the already extensive features of all Giotto range fixtures, which include the exclusive use of hot re-strike lamps and the silent operation that has made the Giottos a standard in the industry. And because of all of this, the Synthesis is the perfect moving light for everywhere from theatrical installations to major tours.

Specifications:HTI 700W SE (7,200°K) or HTI 700W SE (5,600°K) lamp ■ Average lamp life 750 hr. ■ Automatic hot restrike ■ Remote lamp on/off via DMX. ■ Lamp power reduction in the event of overheating ■ Lamp elapsed time and strike counter ■ Advanced CMY colour mixing ■ Customizable color wheel: 4 colours + white ■ Linear CTO filter ■ Frost lens ■ Color change in sync with music and/or with blackout ■ Rainbow color ■ Linear iris diaphragm ■ Motorized zoom (6°- 40°) ■ Linear dimmer ■ Shutter ■ Strobe 1-12 flashes/second, also with music sync. ■ Pan 530° (4 sec.) ■ Tilt 250° (3.4 sec.) ■ Pan / Tilt Lock; electronic Pan / Tilt unlocking ■ Pan/Tilt w. 8/16 bit resolution ■ Automatic Pan/Tilt repositioning ■ DMX 512 or RS 232 input signal ■ 20 DMX channels ■ Ethernet interface (ART-NET protocol) ■ Wireless DMX interface fitted as standard ■ RDM protocol implemented on the DMX (monitoring of internal parameters) ■ Settings via on-board microcomputer viewable on display (even with fixture off) ■ Display “flip” function (rotation through 180°) ■ Adjustable display brightness ■ Fixture elapsed time indicator ■ On-board temperature sensors (base, power, one for each module) ■ Total fixture software update via DMX ■ Graphic display (140 x 16) ■ Power supply with PFC (universal 90/245V 50/60Hz); protected against 400V Electronic Ballast ■ Power consumption: ■ Automatic energy saving in the event of blackout use ■ Size: 29.53"x15.75"x18.12" ■ Weight: 39.5Kgs/83.78Lbs
Country Of Origin: Italy
Unspsc: 39112503
U.S.Tariff#: 9405.40.8000
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Color: Black
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