LITEPUTER: Chaser 4chx5a/Dim/Audio/16Pat

Chaser 4chx5a/Dim/Audio/16Pat
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Chaser 4chx5a/Dim/Audio/16Pat

Price:  $ 138.60 Each

Category: Power Distribution
Sub-Category: Chasers

Manufacturer: LITEPUTER
Manufacturer No: A-408T1

Quantity per Case: 1
Availability: Special Order Lead Time - 90 Days

Status: Phase Out Status Info


Chaser 4chx5a/Dim/Audio/16Pat

The A-408 4 Channel 16 Pattern Dimming Chaser features audio control, zero crossing technology for avoiding disturbance and enhancing dimming preciseness.

Specifications: 10 Amps x 4 Channels Inductive Load ■ Dimming fader provided (Total 15 Amps Max) ■ Sudden Current Protection ■ Chaser: 16 Patterns Selectable via 4 switches ■ Speed: Built in Mic. Sound to Light or Manual ■ 4 manual flash buttons & Full On button Override ■ Audio sensitivity adjustment 4CH. Audio Chaser ■ Power Input: 120v ■ Size: 9.45" x 3.47" x 2.92" ■ Weight: 1.36 kgs/ 3 lbs
Country Of Origin: Taiwan
Unspsc: 39112401
U.S.Tariff#: 8537.10.3000
Warranty: 90 Days Limited
Color: Black

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