NSI: DDS8600 1.2kwx6ch Knock Outs Rack with DMX

DDS8600 1.2kwx6ch Knock Outs Rack with DMX
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DDS8600 1.2kwx6ch Knock Outs Rack with DMX

Price:  $ 1,180.00 Each

Category: Power Distribution
Sub-Category: Dimmers

Manufacturer: NSI
Manufacturer No: N8600-DK0

Quantity per Case: 1
Availability: In Stock

Status: Phase Out Status Info


DDS8600 1.2kwx6ch Knock Outs Rack with DMX

The DDS series provides Leviton Micro-Plex system connect technology along with 0-10vDC analog control capability. DMX512 is now included. All packs can be set to dim or switch mode and are U.L. listed. Series Specifications: 4 channels ■ Dual SCR design ■ Selectable start address dip switches ■ External fusing ■ Toroidial filtering to reduce audio interference ■ User selectable switch or dim mode ■ Soft start operation ■ External circuit breaker ■ Power ON LED indicator ■ Internal sequence and rate adjustment ■ Control status LED ■ Individual channel LED indicator ■ NSI 3-pin XLR micro-plex in/out ■ Power: 120v 50/60hz

Specifications: 6-1200W dimmer/relay channels ■ 7200W maximum ■ 300 micro-second toroidal filtering ■ 2 pole 30A/3 pole power feed ■ 512 Channel ■ Address Capable ■ Dual SCR Circuit Design ■ Internal Variable Speed Cooling Fan ■ Toroidal filtering reduces audio interference and extends lamp life ■ Internal Switch Select Activates 8 Auto Sequence Control Programs ■ Sequence Rate Adjustable from 1 to 60 Seconds ■ User Select for Soft Start to Increase Lamp Life ■ Individual Channel Function LEDs ■ DMX512 Digital Control (5-pin XLR) ■ Size: 3.5"x19"x14" ■ Weight: 13.6Kgs/30Lbs
Old Part No: FGP-08600-1
Country Of Origin: Mexico
Unspsc: 39112401
U.S.Tariff#: 8537.10.3000
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Color: Black
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