TECHNI-LUX: Light Diffuser 60 x 60 degree - 11" wide x Each Linear Inch

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Light Diffuser 60 x 60 degree - 11" wide x Each Linear Inch

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Category: Color Media
Sub-Category: LED Light Diffusers

Manufacturer: TECHNI-LUX
Manufacturer No: UG-LD6060

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Light Diffuser 60 x 60 degree - 11" wide x Each Linear Inch

Light diffusers are a complete line of film lenses which are able to optically alter the output beam shape of any light source in varying degrees of diffusion strengths and profiles. Ranging from mild to strong diffusion, symmetric, and asymmetric beam control, light diffusion can be used as an accessory in many applications where precise light control shaping is desired. Using these highly efficient films you can manipulate the output distribution with a circular (symmetric) or elliptical (asymmetric) profile. These diffusion films will increase luminance uniformity and help eliminate LED "hotspotting" and dark regions with minimal light ls. Light diffusion films are particularly effective when color mixing RGB LEDs or multiple bins of the same color LED, producing . Use these films to create a consistent color output that improves fixture aesthetics. Due to unique optical characteristics, diffusion films are an efficient way to "hide" point light sources, and other bulbs. Light diffusion lenses can also be known and called holographic film.

General Features:
■ Variety shaping degrees: 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 10x30, 60x1
■ Eliminates hotspots
■ Produces a more homogenous LED color blending
■ Helps reduce glare from LED unit lenses
■ Minimal light loss, up to 89% efficient
■ Easy to use and cut
■ Various flexible polymer materials
■ UV stable
■ Cleanable with WindexTM
■ Moderate heat tolerance for LED and Fluorescent light sources
■ Supplied in approximately 11" width by any length but sold in small 1 inch linear increments

Specifications: 60 x 60 degree symmetrical beam spread ■ Base Material: Acrylic ■ Transmission: 89% ■ Finish Gloss: Low ■ Thickness: 19.7 mils ■ Typical operating range: -30 to +80 degree celsius ■ Roll Size: approximately 11" wide ■ Sold by the linear inch (each is 11" x 1" increments)
Country Of Origin: United States
Beam-Spread (Deg): 60
Unspsc: 39112302
U.S.Tariff#: 3920.79.5000
Warranty: 30 Days Limited
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