GANTOM: ColorPiano Spotlight 3w RGB w/PSU

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GL-CP12 ColorPiano Spotlight 3w RGB w/PSU

Price:  $ 149.00 Each

Category: LED Lights
Sub-Category: Micro LED Lights

Manufacturer: GANTOM
Manufacturer No: GL-CP12

Quantity per Case: 1
Availability: Special Order Lead Time - 1 Days

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ColorPiano Spotlight 3w RGB w/PSU

The ColorPiano™ Spotlight is the world's only programmable light that learns your commands. This 3 Watt RGB Spotlight learns to any pattern in seconds using Gantom Lighting & Controls free app. Simply download the app., connect the light, and start programming. You can make endless combinations of color effects allowing you to create a light show to fit any mood or situation. The free app and hardware allow you program your own light show in real-time by tapping on your smart phone like a piano. Create soft mood setting light sequences or fast flashy effects, unleash your colorful creativity with ColorPiano™. NOTE: The free app only works with the ColorPiano hardware.

Specifications: Light Source: Smart RGB Light Fixture 3 W LED ■ Lamp Life 50,000 hours ■ Switch Installation Type: Surface Mount using Screw ■ Indoor use only ■ Power Input: 12 Volts ■ LED Power Consumption: 3 watts ■ Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 3.7 x 1.7 inches ■ Weight: 8 ounces ■ Body Material: Finish Anodized Aluminum ■ Color: Black

What's in the box:

  • ColorPiano Spotlight
  • Power Supply
  • Trigger Adapter
  • Programming Cable


Create professional light shows by tapping buttons in real-time on our free app.
  • Set the mood with a looping ambient show
  • Create dynamic effects with a trigger-activated show
  • Set-and-forget internal memory stores up to 10 minutes for each show!
  • Create splashes of color for any occasion in seconds!
  • Water Resistant


Haunted houses, escape rooms, DIY projects, models, retail displays, parties, special events, and more!

Download Free App

Download "DMX Programmer" and ColorPiano for free:
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