TECHNI-LUX: WTLX512 Wireless Dmx Transceiver - Handheld Device

Wtlx512 Wireless Dmx Transceiver - Handheld Device
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Wtlx512 Wireless Dmx Transceiver - Handheld Device

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Category: Control Accessories
Sub-Category: Wireless Devices

Manufacturer: TECHNI-LUX
Manufacturer No: AC-WTLX512/HH

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WTLX512 Wireless Dmx Transceiver - Handheld Device

The WTLX512 Series allows DMX to be transmitted wirelessly from one device to several receivers. Each device within this series can function as either a transmitter or receiver, making them all transceivers. WTLX512 communicates with a transmit power of 23dbm for a reliable and longer travel distance. Designed to be stable and economical, usually costing less than one long DMX cable. Reduce cabling mess and cabling installation time at job sites and events. Provides a cleaner look at events.


  1. 32-bit ARM Core Processor provides faster computing to accurately measure the DMX512 signal, breaks, MAB and refresh rate. Most others use slower 8 bit 51 core processors.
  2. 20K of RAM for better buffering of signal. Since data transmission is sequential, by buffering we can discard bad data due to interference and not send it to the DMX output. Others use only 1k RAM which can lead to noticeable interference.
  3. 23dBm for longer communications over 20dBm systems.
  4. Adaptive frequency agility over fixed frequency, allows for stronger adaptability protection against interference.
  5. Automatically set the number of channels, BREAK, MBA and refresh rate as a perfect copy of the DMX512 from the DMX console or source. Others use a fixed number of channels, BREAK and MAB.
  6. Certifications with FCC, CE and ROHS.

Specifications: 2.4G global open ISM band ■ Frequency: 2.400 – 2.4835GHz ■ Efficient GFSK modulation and 79 channel frequency hopping ■ 32-bit ARM Core CPU ■ Receiver sensitivity of -94dBm ■ Automatic reboot watchdog timer ■ Communication distance of 2000 feet line of sight ■ Handheld signal analysis, testing and DMX control device, both wired and wireless ■ 3.5"HVGA display TFT and touch screen menu for settings ■ Advanced setting capabilities ■ Advanced wireless testing such as wireless frequency monitoring ■ Monitor or output DMX via wireless or cable ■ Accurately measure the signal of Break time, MAB time, Number of channels, and refresh rate ■ Tri-color LED for wireless channel setup and working status mode ■ Data connectors: 3-pin XLR in/out ■ Internal 1800mh rechargeable battery ■ Charging LED indicator ■ Power input: 5vDC on micro-b USB • Power consumption: 350ma @ 5v ■ Includes mini antenna, USB cable and USB power charger ■ Size: 4.53" x 2.68" x 1.3" ■ Weight: 0.243 kgs/0.54 lbs ■ Material: Machined aluminum shell ■ Color: Black
Country Of Origin: China
Unspsc: 39112402
U.S.Tariff#: 8537.10.9060
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Color: Black
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