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Frequently Asked Questions   
Q. What are gray goods? Does Techni-Lux sell these?
A. No, Techni-Lux does not sell gray goods. We are authorized for all the brands we handle. Additionally we are licensed to handle special types of products such as lamps containing special gases.

Gray goods are products that were not made for the U.S. market or are being brought in illegally. They usually DO NOT carry the manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturers make products that may have different specifications for each country that they do business in. This may be due to different standards, languages or economic considerations specific to each country. A gray market product is any product that was built with the specifications for another country but resold in your country. These products may or may not function correctly because of different markings, power requirements such as cycles, voltages, etc.

Some websites will attempt to cover themselves with some fine print. Any site that mentions “May be missing original packaging, cables, manuals etc.” should be avoided, unless you want to risk buying an incomplete product.

If you see a deal that seems “too good to be true” take time to call and ask. Make sure they have a phone number and ask directly. Usually if asked directly, they will be up front about it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
Q. Where can I see some of the products used in different applications?
A. Visit our GALLERY and see different project simulations, designs and pictures. These projects and installations are located throughout many parts of the world.
Q. Can you help us design the perfect lighting system?
A. Yes, unlike other manufacturers and distributors, we actually have professional designers and engineers on staff to help with your next project, from beginning to end. Regardless of whether it is just a small area, or large venue, we are available to help determine and meet your total lighting needs quickly. Our initial advice is free and we welcome your inquiries.
Q. Do you have a full catalog?
A. Yes, we have a full color catalog available. You may download it online or you may request a printed one via mail by requesting it to

You may also go to INFORMATION, then select REQUEST FORM.
Q. Won't my warranty cover a gray product if I get a defective product anyway?
A. No. If the product did not come with a proper warranty it can't be covered under warranty in the US. In fact, you may not be able to get your fixture serviced at all within the US, even if you are willing to pay for it entirely yourself. So your only option for getting that product fixed may be to ship it back to the country you purchased it in.
Q. What is the warranty on the products?
A. Each product has a different warranty and they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. On our website, it states the basic length of the warranty for each product. For additional warranty details you must contact us.
Q. Are the website images to scale?
A. No, our images are sized to give the largest possible picture of the product.
Q. Do you install products?
A. No, as this would compete with our dealers and installers. However we can refer you to qualified dealers and installers in your area that are familiar with our products. We can also assist you and them in putting together your ideal system.

Frequently Asked Questions   
Q. What forms of payment are acceptable by Techni-Lux for goods and services?
A. Techni-Lux accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. Also we offer terms and COD to qualified applicants with purchase orders. To become a dealer or get terms, please download and complete the Customer Application.
Q. How long does it take to process an Order?
A. Typically we ship all orders placed before 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time, that same day. However large orders may require additonal time to prepare and test equipment. We ship Monday through Friday.
Q. Does Techni-Lux accept blanket orders?
A. Yes we accept blanket orders and release dates.
Q. Can Techni-Lux dropship?
A. Yes, we can dropship to your customers. Furthermore, we can dropship BLIND and with your customer's PO# on the packing slip. Shipping BLIND will show your information on the packing slip only.
Q. Can I get special handling conditions on an order?
A. Yes, on the order you may state any special comments, packaging needs or specific shipment dates.
Q. Can I change my order?
A. If you have not checked out, you may continue to change your order, by adding and removing items from the cart. Once you SUBMIT the order, you cannot go back and change the order. If you need to correct, add or delete something, please contact us immediately via email or phone. If you forgot to add an item, please place another order. If you entered an incorrrect ship to address, incorrect credit card information, or need to delete an item, you will need to contact us.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, we usually process orders within 24 hours, so it is very important for you to contact us quickly for any changes.
Q. How much will my order cost to ship?
A. Once you get your order entered, you will get the opportunity to choose a shipping method and see the relative cost of each method. Not every shipping service is available to every place. If you are not getting a shipping cost it is because we don't have a weight for a product in our system, so it is not possible to calculate properly. You may still select a shipping method and then call us to determine what the actual shipping costs will be. Or in the notes section of the order, please state that you would like to get a shipping cost prior to shipping the order. Be aware this may delay the release of your order.
Q. Do you ship outside the United States?
A. Yes, we ship worldwide on a daily basis. However, you will not be able to calculate shipping costs online to most countries. Most international shipments will require you to deal with our export sales persons. You may still place your order online.
Q. Is there a minimum order amount?
A. No, however orders under $25.00 will be charged a $5.00 handling fee.
Q. Do I need to pay for sales tax?
A. Sales tax is charged on all orders that are shipped to a Florida address, unless you have a Florida Tax Exempt/Resale Certificate on file with us.
Q. Can I cancel a submitted order?
A. Yes, you may cancel an order after submitting it, but you can not do so online. Since we usually pick and ship orders quickly, it is important that you contact us immediately to stop the process before it ships out.
Q. Has my order been shipped?
A. To check your order status, you need to login first. Click on My Account on the top menu bar, then select Account History. If there are multiple orders, select the Order in question. If it states COMPLETE or PARTIAL, your order has shipped. If you no longer see the order here, check below in the INVOICE section. If it is INVOICED, then the order has already been shipped.
Q. When will my credit card be charged?
A. We only charge your credit card when the merchandise ships from our warehouse.
Q. Do you ship to a PO Box?
A. No we do not ship to PO Boxes. The shipping address must be a residential or business address.

Frequently Asked Questions   
Q. Do you offer discounts to quantity buyers?
A. Yes, Techni-Lux offers discounted pricing to dealers, resellers and large volume buyers. Please download our Customer Application.
Q. How do we become a Techni-Lux Dealer/Reseller?
A. Download our Customer Application located under the Information tab and mail or fax it to us. Dealerships are limited in some areas and may require an initial buy in.
Q. What are the hours of operaton?
A. We are open Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm Eastern Standard Time and closed 12:30pm to 1:30pm for lunch. Closed on most holidays.
Q. How do I get access to log-in?
A. You must contact your sales person at Techni-Lux. Call us at 407-857-8770 to get fully web enabled.
Q. Can I still call for information or to place an order?
A. Yes, and we love to hear from you. But it could be beneficial for you to use our website to search and see many inventory alternatives, track your orders, view invoices, and read up to date press releases and new product information. Also our website is available for you 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Q. We need to change our billing address?
A. You may do this by sending in the changes to us on company letter head via email or fax.
Q. We can not find a product or brand of interest?
A. Techni-Lux stocks over 32,000 line items in inventory. Most are accessible via the web searches. However, we have additional resources internally that can help you locate your specific product. If you can't find it online here, please contact us via email or fax, stating the brand, specifications, model and anything else you may know. We will research it and get back to you quickly.
Q. I have special pricing / contract with Techni-Lux, can I order online and get those special prices?
A. Yes, all pricing levels and contracts are honored on all online orders also. The website will show your agreed price once you log-in. Additionally, you may see additional products on promo pricing.
Q. Can I change my password?
A. Yes, you can change your password once you are logged in by going to the Account Profile. This is located in the top right corner of your screen. Highlight your name and press enter.
Q. What do I do if I forgot my password.
A. You may get your password reset by contacting us or you may click LOGIN and then click on FORGOT PASSWORD? at the bottom of the login window.
Q. How do I return a product?
A. You must contact us and get an RMA number before returning anything to Techni-Lux. Returns are only accepted within 30 days of purchase. Restocking fees may apply. No returns on special order or discontinued items will be accepted.
Q. We/I already have an account with you. Do I need to register myself again on your web store?
A. No. If you already have an account with us, contact our Sales Department; they will give you your initial login name and password. You can login and then change your password.
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