SGM: SGM Palco Mobile LED Fixture - must add lens - no plug

SGM Palco Mobile LED Fixture - must add lens - no plug
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SGM Palco Mobile LED Fixture - must add lens - no plug

Price:  $ 4,628.00 Each

Category: LED Lights
Sub-Category: LED Pro Architainment

Manufacturer: SGM
Manufacturer No: 0202754

Quantity per Case: 1
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SGM Palco Mobile LED Fixture - must add lens - no plug

PALCO 3 MOBILE includes all the features of PALCO: silent operation, efficient power consumption, high color rendering, exclusive design and extremely compact lines - plus the possibility of being positioned as required, thanks to its pan an tilt movement.

PALCO 3 MOBILE is fitted with absolute encoders so when reset doesn’t run any repositioning procedure, it goes immediately to the required position. If accidentally moved, it restores the position and when switched off, a special mechanism enables to block the motor in the current position. Silent operation is guaranteed. PALCO MOBILE’s qualities make it the right choice for replacing Halogen color changers with pan and tilt movement in all television and theater applications.

Specifications: LED color mixing RGB additive ■ 7 Luxeon 3W Blue LEDs ■ 18 Luxeon 3W Green LEDs ■ 24 Luxeon 1W Red LEDs ■ Luminosity (white) 2,800 Lumens ■ Consumption 150w ■ Color temperature: 5,500°K (variable) ■ Interchangeable lenses: 8°, 25°, 40°, Elliptical 10 x 22° (must add lens) ■ LEDs average life: 100,000 hours ■ Power: auto ranging 90-270vAC-50/60Hz ■ 13 DMX Channels: 1-Strobe/Shutter, 2-Dimmer, 3-Red, 4-Green, 5-Blue, 6-CTC, 7-Macros, 8-Color Mode, 9-Pan High Bit,10-Pan Low Bit, 11-Tilt High Bit, 12-Tilt Low Bit, 13-Motor Speed ■ Interface LED 10 digit display & 3 buttons ■ Microcomputer Function Menu (software updatable via DMX) ■ Motorized Pan 0°- 305° ■ Motorized Tilt 0°- 93° ■ Insulation rating: IP 33 ■ Size: 19.1"x10.83"x9.02" ■ Weight: 15.5Kgs/34.2Lbs
Country Of Origin: Italy
Unspsc: 39112102
U.S.Tariff#: 8541.40.2000
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Color: Black
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