SGM: SGM Palco 3 White LED Fixture - must add lens - no plug

SGM Palco 3 White LED Fixture - must add lens - no plug
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SGM Palco 3 White LED Fixture - must add lens - no plug

Price:  $ 3,220.00 Each

Category: LED Lights
Sub-Category: LED Studio

Manufacturer: SGM
Manufacturer No: 0202551

Quantity per Case: 1
Availability: Special Order Lead Time - 21 Days

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SGM Palco 3 White LED Fixture - must add lens - no plug

LED lighting has become even more specialized with Palco 3 White Led. Thanks to this groundbreaking fixture, fitted with 7 Luxeon amber LEDs and 42 Luxeon white LEDs, it’s now possible to accurately recreate the fluctuation and nuances of natural daylight. A valuable tool for any lighting designer who wants to reproduce sophisticated white light effects, Palco 3 White LED is able to match any color temperatures, from the warmest to the coolest white, between 3,000°K and 10,000°K, by balancing the intensity of the LED groupings to the required levels.

This fixture is a combination of SGM high-tech expertise and all the typical features of the Palco 3, including the exceptional design and extraordinary luminosity. For optimum installation flexibility, the unit’s head can be removed from the rest of the body to allow for industry standard mounting.

Specifications: 24 Luxeon 3W Amber LEDs ■ 25 P4 4W White LEDs ■ Luminosity 3,800 Lumens ■ Power Consumption 180w ■ Color temperature: 2,000-6,700 °K (variable) ■ No UV - Ultraviolet radiation ■ No IR - Infrared heat ■ Interchangeable lenses: 8°, 25°, 40°, Elliptical 10 x 22° vertical, Elliptical 10 x 22° horizontal (must add lens) ■ LEDs average life: 100,000 hours ■ Power: auto ranging 90-270vAC-50/60Hz ■ 4 DMX Channels: 1-Strobe/Shutter, 2-Dimmer, 3-White, 4-Amber ■ Interface LED 10 digit display & 3 buttons ■ Manual Fixed Pan +/- 45° on base ■ Manual Fixed Tilt +15°, - 70° on base ■ Insulation rating: IP20 ■ Size: 16.73"x14.76"x9.02" ■ Weight: 13.5Kgs/29.7Lbs ■ Color: black
Country Of Origin: Italy
Unspsc: 39112102
U.S.Tariff#: 8541.40.2000
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Color: Black
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