TECHNI-LUX: Light Tube RGB 72 Leds 0.5 meter with DMX - 120v

Light Tube RGB 72 Leds 0.5 meter with DMX - 120v
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Light Tube RGB 72 Leds 0.5 meter with DMX - 120v

Price:  $ 219.00 Each

Category: LED Lights
Sub-Category: LED Linear

Manufacturer: TECHNI-LUX
Manufacturer No: DL-TUBERGB05/D

Quantity per Case: 1
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Light Tube RGB 72 Leds 0.5 meter with DMX - 120v

The Led RGB light tubes represents the most advanced animated light tubes available today. By merging Red, Green, and Blue LEDs, they create different kinds of effects including solid color change, individual pixel color chases, gradual and fast transitions, gray scale color levels, and graphical illumination effects. LED light tubes can be used for decorative, architectural, entertainment and themed applications, indoors and outdoors. The combination of many tubes can be used as scenic elements on stages to produce spectacular and unique visual effects. Tubes may be placed in straight runs or to form a wall matrix. These tubes can be connected in a daisy chain format (linked from one to the other). Each tube has 5-Pin XLR connectors for input and output of data and separate connectors for power in and out.

Specifications: Light Source: 8.4 watt 24 Red, 24 Green, 24 Blue LEDs ■ Use CT-TUBERGB Controller ■ DMX512 using 25 channels maximum ■ Insulation Rating: IP65 ■ Mounting clips included ■ Power Input: 100-240vAC 50/60hz ■ Size: 19.75" x 2" x 3.75" ■ Weight: 1.14 kgs/2.51 lbs ■ Housing: Aluminum & Opaque anti-UV tube
Country Of Origin: China
Unspsc: 39112102
U.S.Tariff#: 8541.40.2000
Warranty: 90 Days Limited
Color: White
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