TECHNI-LUX: LED RGB Tube Controller - DMX - 120v

LED RGB Tube Controller - DMX - 120v
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LED RGB Tube Controller - DMX - 120v

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Category: LED Lights
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Manufacturer: TECHNI-LUX
Manufacturer No: CT-TUBERGB

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LED RGB Tube Controller - DMX - 120v

The RGB tube controller offers many modes of operation. It can run stand alone with hundreds of internal pre-built programs, speed and fade settings. Custom programs may also be create and stored, or it can run using a PC. Operates up to 5000 meters of the RGB tubes. A controller is needed to address tubes for DMX operation.

Specifications: Modes: PC, Set-up, Step Play, Auto Play ■ Control up to 5000 meters ■ Smart Media Card slot for 64mb storage ■ Power: 9v-12vDC, includes 120vAC wall adapter ■ Size:7.25"x4"x2" ■ Weight: 0.6 kgs/1.3 lbs

Built-In Controller Effects: Static Color - Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Cyan, White ■ Slow Flow (unidirectional) ■ Slow Flow (bi-directional) ■ Roll Chase1 (rolling back and forth) ■ Roll Chase2 (scan back and forth) ■ Multi Color Chase (Rainbow) ■ Fast Flow1 ■ Fast Flow2 ■ Two Color Chase ■ Two Color Flow ■ Gray Scale Color Change ■ Dynamic Picture Effect
Country Of Origin: China
Unspsc: 39112402
U.S.Tariff#: 8537.10.9060
Warranty: 90 Days Limited
Color: Black
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