Techni-Lux Logo Guideline

The logos provided here are the only approved versions of the Techni-Lux logo. The thumbnail samples (below) provide a preview of the authorized versions, and the list below each thumbnail indicates available formats. Click on the link to download the logo art file in the indicated format. If you have any questions or if you need other formats, click here.

Logo Usage Guidelines

We encourage the use of the Techni-Lux logo by our dealers, resellers, sales representatives, retail and manufacturing partners, but the logos may only be reproduced in the manner described here. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in a violation of trademark and/or copyright laws.

  1. You may only reproduce the Techni-Lux logo from the electronic files you receive from us or download from this page. Please do NOT scan our logo from printed material or copy a file from any other source.

  2. You must maintain the correct proportions of the logo. Do not alter the logo in a way that will distort the shape. You should only scale vector versions, as the web versions usually won't scale up with good quality.

  3. You may only reproduce the logo in one of the official formats and colors provided on this page. The colors used by Techni-Lux are BLACK, WHITE, and BLUE. The blue is Pantone Uncoated Process Blue, or Pantone solid coated #300C. Web equivalents are BLACK #000000, WHITE #FFFFFF, BLUE #0072BC. Always put our logo against a background that produces a high contrast between the background and logo.

  4. The Techni-Lux logo cannot be combined with any other text, logos or decorations and must maintain a clear separation from any surrounding elements. It is important to not create confusion with another logo or brand.

*Any deviations or exceptions from the above guidelines must be submitted and approved by our marketing department in a written manner. You may email us on the Contact Us form located under the Company Tab.

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