TECLUMEN: ColorRGB -120v includes 3 x 500watt FCL Lamps

ColorRGB -120v includes 3 x 500watt FCL Lamps
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ColorRGB -120v includes 3 x 500watt FCL Lamps

Price:  $ 975.00 Each

Category: Light Fixtures
Sub-Category: Color Changers

Manufacturer: TECLUMEN
Manufacturer No: 090015

Quantity per Case: 1
Availability: In Stock

Status: Active Status Info

Additional Info: FCL, EHM

ColorRGB -120v includes 3 x 500watt FCL Lamps

The ColorRGB incorporates RGB color mixing into a single fixture with wide dispersion. It has the ability to create virtually any color combination. Using a DMX controller, both color and intensity may be altered. Great for washing wide areas with color, for backgrounds and stage highlights.

Specifications: Built in 3 channel dimming system, no additional dimmers needed ■ Red, Green, and Blue dichroic filters ■ Digital display addressing ■ X 40 by Y 60 degree beam spread ■ 2 or 3 channel DMX input operation via XLR ■ 0-100% dimming ■ Lamp sources include 3 x EHM 300w or 3 x FCL 500w ■ Black powder coat paint finish n Power: 120v-50/60Hz ■ Current Draw: 13 Amps ■ Size: 15.6"x10"x6.7" ■ Weight: 6.8 Kgs/15 Lbs
Country Of Origin: Italy
Unspsc: 39112301
U.S.Tariff#: 9405.40.8000
Warranty: 90 Days Limited
Color: Black
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